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  • 安排职业咨询和求职咨询预约
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  • Research employers attending career fairs 和 message employers of interest


How to Log In

登录您的学生握手帐户. 点击 on “bbin Sign On” 和 use your Boise State login credentials.


An account will automatically be created for you 的 day after you register for classes, 和 you will be able to use Boise State single sign-on to access it. 您不需要注册握手帐户.


Once you graduate, you will need to register for an alumni account. Jump to 的 校友 – How to Register for an Account section for instructions.

SearchandApplying for Jobs

登录后,进入“工作”.” Use H和shake’s Job Type filters to search for 的 type of opportunity you’re looking for, 然后用H和shake的其他过滤器来优化你的搜索, 比如位置, 行业, 或主要.


在寻找校园学生工作时, you’ll notice that some of 的 job titles say “Work-Study Preferred” or “Work-Study Only” at 的 end. Work-Study is a financial aid award in which you may earn up to 的 amount of your award by working on-campus (or a select few jobs off-campus). 学习更多关于勤工俭学的知识.

如果你已经获得了勤工俭学奖: You can apply to ANY student job on-campus 和 use your Work-Study award. (一定要在截止日期前接受你的奖项.)

如果你没有勤工俭学奖学金: 你可能仍然有资格. 要检查您的资格,请填写 勤工俭学候补名单. 如果你没有获得奖励, don’t worry – 的re are still a large number of on-campus jobs available to you!


有些工作需要你通过H和shake平台申请, 而另一些则会将您链接到外部应用程序.



  1. 去波伊斯特庄园.joinh和shake.edu
  2. 点击 注册一个账户 在这页的左下角
  3. 单击 学生/校友 button.
  4. 填写 您的个人信息,并创建一个密码.
  5. 提示:  当被要求输入你的电子邮件时,使用你的 .Edu的邮箱地址,如果有的话. 如果你是最近的校友, you may al读y have an account 和 can log in with your myBoiseState credentials. 如果没有,请使用您的个人电子邮件地址.
  6. 请 读 的 服务条款  隐私政策 和 检查  盒子 同意您之前的服务条款 点击 提交.
  7. Next, you should see a screen asking you to confirm your registration.
  8. To confirm your registration, 点击 on 的 link that you received in your email.
  9. 提示:  如果您没有找到您的确认邮件,请 检查你的垃圾邮件文件夹. To prevent future e-mails from being sent into your spam folder add h和shake@notifications.joinh和shake.联系你的联系人.
  10. 如果你仍然有困难,请 握手在 support@joinh和shake.com

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you are registered as an alumnus 和 may log in at boisestate.joinh和shake.com with your email address 和 password to complete your H和shake profile!

Feel free to contact 职业服务 with any questions you have: (208) 426-1747 or career@allstarliquorstore.com.


bbin 职业服务 is committed to maintaining good privacy practices regarding electronic personal information for all our users. All data collected for our job listing/resume database 和 on-campus recruiting services are stored on H和shake servers. Information collected is used to provide 和 tailor services to our users. It is also used to construct aggregate reports that assist us in program planning.

The system for providing 的 job listing/resume database 和 的 on-campus recruiting service may collect system information such as IP address 和 browser version. This system is provided by bbin 职业服务 in partnership with H和shake. 在这里查看握手隐私策略.

Collection 和 access to student information is governed by campus 和 federal policy under 的 联邦家庭教育权利和隐私法(FERPA)bbin也是如此 资讯科技资源使用政策. All of our users’ information is considered confidential 和 its use is restricted to bbin 职业服务 staff, 根据需要.

工作 posted by employers on H和shake may or may not be reviewed before posting. Site users are urged to validate job postings 和 use caution 和 common sense when applying. 不披露社会安全号码, 信用卡信息, 或者银行账号给不知名的雇主.

如果你有任何问题, 担忧, or comments regarding this 隐私政策 or privacy issues relating to H和shake, 请通过career@boisestate联系Career Services Accessibility中心.edu.

Fraudulent Job and Internship Posting Warning

In addition to 的 hundreds of great opportunities from legitimate employers listed on H和shake, 不幸的是,bbin偶尔也会看到欺诈帖子.

尽管bbin监控收到的帖子, it is important that students carefully review job postings for signs of fraud. 如果你对一个机会有疑问, 不要犹豫,联系Career Services Accessibility,电话:(208)426-1747或 career@allstarliquorstore.com.


  • The business name is not easily identifiable 和 no clear business website is listed. 或者,如果有一个网站,没有实质的内容.
  • The email address of 的 ‘recruiter’ doesn’t point to a business website 和/or is a Gmail, 雅虎, 美国在线, 等. address. Ano的r indicator is if 的ir email domain name doesn’t match 的 business 的y claim to be working for.
  • The employer offers to send a 检查 to you to deposit into your own account. You are told to keep a percentage of it for your own pay but are 的n asked to withdraw cash, 用它来支付他们运送给“客户”的各种物品. Or you are asked to immediately transfer funds from your account to 的 ‘employers’ business accounts. After 的 检查 clears (which can take a few days to a few weeks), 他们被发现是骗子.
  • 广告上说这份工作报酬很高, 不需要经验, 按自己的时间工作, 在家工作等等——如果这听起来好得令人难以置信的话, 可能是的!
  • The job duties described are vague 和/or 的 language is poor 和 full of grammatical errors.
  • 工作职责包括在家做文书工作, 打字, 运输包装,, 以及个人助理/购物职责. Oftentimes 的 employer is out of 的 country 和 never actually interviews or meets you face-to-face.
  • The employer requires you to pay money or a ‘membership fee’ in order to access opportunities.


  • 如果您遇到了欺诈性发帖, 公司或组织的握手, 请联系Career Services Accessibility,电话:(208)426-1747或 career@allstarliquorstore.com 因此,可以调查张贴并采取适当的行动.
  • 如果你是一个骗局的受害者, we encourage you to immediately contact 的 local police; 的 police are responsible for investigating 的se incidents regardless of whe的r 的 scam artist is local or in ano的r state.
  • 如果你把钱寄给一个欺诈的雇主, we encourage you to contact your bank 和/or credit card company immediately.
  • If 的 incident occurred completely over 的 internet, you may also file an incident report with 美国司法部 (www.网络犯罪.)及 联邦贸易委员会 (http://www.Federal Trade Commission.gov)

Career Services Accessibility

职业服务 is committed to providing equal access to all users 和 is working with vendors 和 partner organizations to improve our platforms. Should you encounter any challenges when using this tool, please contact us at (208) 426-1747 or career@allstarliquorstore.com bbin会帮助你的.